Let your journey of self improvement begin with us.

Our fitness mission

Here at Harriet McGuffie fitness we aim to help you create a better version of your self. Let your journey of self improvement begin with us. Whether your goals be fat-loss, fitness, health and well being or performance related our team of personal trainers can help you. Come train with us in a motivating, fun and supportive environment. Call in and see what we are all about. Have a chat and meet the team.

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  • Early start tomorrow - who's in? ⠀
6am Group weight training ⠀
This workout covers upper and lower body weight training - Harriet ⠀
7am - Full body burn -Harriet⠀
930am BOX - padwork/ boxing bags /skipping / corework- Harriet ⠀
615pm Group weight training -Harriet ⠀
715pm GP FIT
  • Whoa, you are up EARLY...either you've got kids, work nights, are just heading home from a night out (GET YOU!) or you're up and getting ready for - ⠀
630am Group weight training -Harriet ⠀
815am Bootcamp -Harriet ⠀
Either way, I feel you.
  • If you're not out on it, maybe come get on the early classes tomorrow. It's WAY better than a hangover (kinda)⠀
630am Group weight training -Harriet ⠀
815am Bootcamp -Harriet
  • Off 'Out' out tonight? You'll be needing those endorphins, and dilated capillaries, also the boost to your eyesight after a workout will stop you kissing any frogs. Win win this gym lark...⠀
930am McGuffie Method - be here, those frog are waiting.
  • 6AM Supersets tomorrow? I KNOW it's early, but think of this...You can be back in bed by 7:15...HAVING DONE A WORKOUT - NOW THATS WINNING.⠀
Friday ⠀
6am  Supersets ! 45 mins of weight Training using the resistance method / principle “supersets” . Fast paced . Full on full body weight training ! Harriet ⠀
645am group Weights⠀
930am McGuffie Method
  • Wakey wakey, rise and shine... Come down the gym and get some ME time! ⠀
6am Group weight training 45 mins -Harriet (hurry)⠀
7am. Group weight training 45 mins Harriet (hurry a bit)⠀
930am - Full body burn - Harriet (you've got ages)⠀
615pm Boxing circuit - Kev Moore (back to bed)

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