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Here at Harriet McGuffie fitness we aim to help you create a better version of your self. Let your journey of self improvement begin with us. Whether your goals be fat-loss, fitness, health and well being or performance related our team of personal trainers can help you. Come train with us in a motivating, fun and supportive environment. Call in and see what we are all about. Have a chat and meet the team.

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  • Ok lots asking after today's workout details.
#insta is blocking me from posting it for some reason... Here are the details :

Goblet squat with rotational twist 1min 30 sec squat jumps 
Rest 30secs x3 rounds 
Plank pull through with row .. 45 secs 
X4rows each right Arm turn left arm repeat for  1min / rest 30 secs x3 rounds 
Split squats x4 /same leg split RDL’sx4
90secs I leg then repeat 
Jumping lunges 30secs rest 45 secs and Repeat again 
2 narrow push ups /2 shoulder width 45 secs 
Single arm half Turkish get up/ change arms 45secs each arm 
Repeat x2

Rest1min  do the whole thing from top to bottom . 1min each move no rest !!!
  • So what’s the Lockdown Lowdown? ⠀
Me, I'm just hanging around...⠀
Week 1 almost Over. How are we feeling? Let’s have your feedback! ⠀
For the Mcguffie Team it’s a Been a big mixed bag of emotions...am sure the same for you. ⠀
We miss all the things we take for granted. Family , friends  routine , freedom to do and go as we please . Places , faces , eating out , socialising and of course THE GYM ! We miss the gym 😂. ⠀
We are trying hard to find a new routine and adapt to the situation that we have been given. But it’s not all bad.. ⠀
We have discovered new ways to communicate, are realising that we can cook ( and actually enjoy it! ) and are able to work on that list “to do “ that’s been hanging up forever! ⠀
Some of us are adapting better than others, but don’t get distracted by them! ⠀
Stay in your own lane and just do YOU! Don’t be hard on yourself or beat yourself up if someone’s doing 10 workouts a day and knocking up 3 course meals from scratch and read war and peace in 2 days!! WHO CARES?! ⠀
Just Stay positive and find your own routine and way.. that’s where we can help..!⠀
Because we can lift you up and dust them endorphins down. Especially if you have done a pub crawl this weekend? Started in the living room onto the kitchen ended up in the dining room and then had to do the walk of shame up the stairs home to The bedroom for an all nighter on HOUSE PARTY… ⠀
So - help looks like this… ⠀
Monday 7am @gduttonpt Graham Dutton is giving you a  DUMB HELL workout . So dig out your weights ⠀
10am  @richie.swan RIchie “get off the fu****g couch Swan ⠀
7pm YOGA POSE ( get out your toes ) with the Amazing @RikkiArmstrongpt ⠀
I will be back TUES - FRIDAY 7am ! With the rest of the rest adding in their own stuff in which we will post here, watch the stories!
Lockdown your house… and I will see you through the lens …  love ya H xx⠀
Ps DM any feedback. What you would Like, what equipment you have access to. I just don’t need to know if you’ve buried the hubby under your newly formed cabbage patch ;-)
  • So… the only way forward is to stay IN!⠀
The park has been a wonderful substitute but despite the “distance “ we adhered to whilst there, we now have a duty of care to do what is right for each other, our loved ones, the vulnerable and be supportive of our wonderful NHS. ⠀
For this reason we shot videos last week, have provided some of you with bands and will post workouts for you to do during this uncertain time while we WERK-out what the next move is. These will go out over the next few days, with more to follow.⠀
We also have our wonderful coaches (Insta wont let me put the '@'s but you know what to do...⠀
claudiadouglaspt / carolDeninsonpt / JessMcMahonpt_ / Richie.swan / Vikkiwpt / MichelleMurray.pt.619 / GillClintonpt / Deana_movida / RikkiArmstrongpt / gduttonpt all adding home workouts to their stories and pages so check them out. ⠀
It’s important for our mental Health just as much as physical health to remain active. ⠀
I miss you all more than you know… my gym seems soulless without you all in it, but it’s important to do what’s right. ⠀
Love to you all and remember to look out for each other… Stay in, stay safe and I’ll see you on the other side, watch the account for changes and more videos, I’ll even drop some classics for us to reminisce over. ⠀
With love and hope, H
  • We're still locked down. But watch the stories on my account for updates.
  • This post will NOT mention Corona.⠀
Check back in daily on stories to see what we've got running during this time. #COVID19⠀
Here's tomorrow : ⠀
6am  Supersets ! 45 mins of weight Training using the resistance method / principle “supersets”, Fast paced, Full on, full body weight training! - Harriet ⠀
645am group Weights - Harriet⠀
930am McGuffie’s Method - Harriet
  • Even cleaning these, inside and out. Mama's got you.⠀
Check back in daily on stories to see what we've got running during this time. #COVID19⠀
Don't forget Thursday's look a bit different now : ⠀
6am Group weight training 45 mins - Harriet ⠀
7am Group weight training 45 mins - Harriet ⠀
930am Full body burn - Harriet ⠀check STORIES for location!!!
12pm - Mat leave Mums ⠀
This class will include bag/ pad work and circuit training⠀
715 pm Back to basics following On from our hugely popular Sunday class we now have an evening  class too! If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend the first course join us now ! Do both sessions or 1 !!!.

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